Making our home and area a better place

“Making our Home and Area a Better Place”

The NPWLRA welcomes you to the residential community of New Providence Wharf which comprises the residential blocks of New Providence Wharf, Michigan Building, Ontario Tower, Charrington Tower and Columbia West. There are a total of 1259 private individual apartments on the NPW Estate.

The New Providence Wharf Leaseholders and Residents Association (NPWLRA) is a legally recognised Residents Association and represents all the leaseholders and residents in the residential blocks of New Providence Wharf, Michigan Building, Ontario Tower, Charrington Tower and Columbia West. The Constitution of the NPWLRA was adopted on the 17th November 2015, and the Residents Association was fully recognised by the NPW Landlords, Ballymore (January 2018) and Blazecourt (March 2018).

Our primary aim is to ensure that our properties and investments retain their value and that we remain one of the most sought out residential locations in our area. We endeavour to represent the best interests of leaseholders at all times and seek to balance quality with cost in our engagement with the managing agents.

The leaseholders may raise any issues that arise with us that they are unable to resolve bilaterally with the managing agents and we will endeavour to represent those issues with the managing agents Ballymore Asset Management. A well run and effective Residents Association is in everyone’s interest. Our strength is in our membership and our organisation. We would strongly advise all leaseholders that it is in their best interests to join the NPWLRA. We advise you to  register here!

The NPWLRA as a recognised RA has appointed a Surveyor to support its work to hold the managing agents to account. We would advise all leaseholders that its in their best interest to support the RA’s ongoing work with the appointed Surveyor. Contact us by emailing:

Schedule of meetings of RA officers for 2021

Due to COVID-19 and changes in Ballymore senior management the formal meetings with BAML were cancelled for 2021. The Chair and Vice Chair and other Execs had various meetings with BAML senior management , Tower Hamlets and Government officials . These are recorded below. Executive Team were briefed at regular intervals.

Wed 10th February 2021 11:30am Zoom YN / CS
Tuesday 9th March 2021 1:30pm Zoom YN/CS/ ML
Thursday 30th March 2021 7:30pm Zoom Exec Team
Tuesday 13th  April  2021 4:00pm Zoom Budget meeting
Friday  16th April 2021 4:00pm Zoom Service charges
Wednesday 21st April 2021 5:30pm Zoom Ballymore ACM
Friday 23rd April 2021 11:00am Zoom Tower Hamlets
Monday 26th April  2021 7:00pm Zoom Ballymore RA Chairs
Thursday 29th April 2021 5:00pm Zoom Apsana Begum
Tuesday 4th &Thursday 6th May 2021 Zoom BAML Service charges

On 7th May there was a fire on NPW Block D and the RA set up a daily debriefing meeting to deal with the aftermath of the issues related to the fire.

Wednesday 12th May 2021 6:00pm Zoom Exec meeting
Tuesday 18th May 2021 3:00pm Zoom LFB debrief / NPW
Thursday 20th May 2021 12:45pm Zoom Exec/ Lucy Powell
May 26th & May 27th 2021 5:30pm Zoom Exec/ Lord Greenhalgh
Thursday 10th June 2021 3:30pm Zoom LFB/ CS/YN
Friday 11th June 2021 10:00am Zoom YN/CS/MP – Legal
Tuesday 15th June 2021 4:00pm Zoom YN/CS/ BAML Draft budget
Wednesday 30th June 2021 7:00pm Zoom RA Chairs – Ballymore Group
Thursday 1st July 2021 7:00pm Zoom RA Execs
Wednesday 7th July 2021 11:00am Zoom CS/YN? Michael Lee
Monday  27st July 2021 5:00pm Zoom Exec Strategy

News Feed

Ballymore Fund for Cladding Works Across the Portfolio

From: Simon Pratt Sent: 13 May 2021 19:19To: Yasmin Naqushbandi <ynaqushbandi@****>Subject: Ballymore Fund for Cladding Works Across the Portfolio Dear Yasmin, Good to speak with you earlier and thanks for taking my call. As advised, I am pleased to share with you the following statement from Ballymore and the commitment of funding towards cladding remedial works. Over the past month, […]

COVID-19: NHS Stay At Home Advice

Please follow the official NHS advice with regards to staying at home:

Why AN14 is making your cladding flat impossible to sell

Read on Leasehold Knowledge Partnership

NPWLRA Annual General Meeting 2019 – 20 Nov, 7pm

Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the NPWLRA will be held on:20th November 201919:00 hrs – 21:00 hrs19:00 hrs – 21:00 hrsLocation: The Radisson Hotel Agenda Welcome and Introductions: Chair of NPWLRA, Yasmin Naqushbandi Minutes of the AGM held in 2018 Amendments to the Constitution – Amit Pandey To Elect/ Reelect the Executive Officers – […]

Government to fund and speed up vital cladding replacement

Around £200 million will be made available to remove and replace unsafe cladding from around 170 privately owned high-rise buildings.

Speech given Chair Yasmin Naqushbandi at the January 23rd EGM

Good evening ladies & gentlemen. Before I start I would like give my personal thanks to all the Executives who have stepped in to deal with this rather complex and difficult situation.-My thanks go to Amit who has stepped into the Chair position and led us forward. Amit’s leadership has achieved the CWG and the […]

Results of the EGM voting for key executives – Jan 23 2019

Below are the results of the voting for key executives: Chair Treasurer Secretary

Regulation of the managing agent market

Secretary of State’s speech to the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA) conference

Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government

Delivered on:18 October 2017 (Transcript of the speech, exactly as it was delivered)