About us

The New Providence Wharf Leaseholders & Residents Association (NPWLRA) represent all the leaseholders and residents in the residential blocks of New Providence Wharf, Michigan Building, Ontario Tower, Charrington Tower and Columbia West. This is nearly 1300 apartments on the estate.

Our primary aim is to ensure that our properties and investments retain their value and that we are one of the most sought out residential location in this area. We wish to build a community that is committed to improving the area for the people who live and invest here. Our effectiveness depends on the strength of our membership. It is vitally important for every leaseholder to ensure that they are a member of the New Providence Wharf Leaseholder and Residents Association. Leaseholders have voting rights, however we also welcome resident tenants as members. To become a member please register your details ( link to registration form) We will ensure that your email address is only used for keeping you informed about developments and issues that have an impact from an owner or residents perspective.( http://npwlra.co.uk/privacy-policy/)

The New Providence Wharf Leaseholder and Residents Association (NPWLRA) constitution was adopted on 17th November 2015. NPWLRA takes an active role in promoting and protecting the common rights and interests of the members of the Association relating to the use and enjoyment of the property. The Association has active interests in such areas as the grounds and the gardens of the estate, the positive and productive relationship with the estate management team, the fair and reasonable procurement of services for the estate, and the overall appearance and security of the community we live in.The NPWLRA welcomes suggestions, comments or requests from all its members. The Association works hard to take a non-biased approach and welcomes all opinions.(http://npwlra.co.uk/notices-agm-minutes/constitution/).

The Residents Association was fully recognised by the Landlords Ballymore (January 2018) and Blazecourts (March 2018). We are the first Ballymore estate to have a fully recognised Residents Association.( http://npwlra.co.uk/notices-agm-minutes/recognitions-as-an-ra/)

As a leaseholder-member of the RA you also have a right to be consulted and a right to vote on key issues in the estate.The leaseholders can raise any issue with us and we can represent these issues to Ballymore.  Everything that we do is aimed at ensuring that the estate is run cost effectively and that our property value is maintained and continues to increase and to make sure that we get good tenants on the estate.

Our Achievements (2015- 2020)

  • A constructive and on-going dialogue with Ballymore Asset Management (BAML) allowing the Residents Association to hold BAML to account through monthly meetings. (2015- present)
  • Formal AGM and EGM Meetings for Leaseholders with Ballymore (2015- present)
  • Quarterly Newsletters (2016- present)
  • Strong Leisure Committee working with BAML pre the new leisure centre inception to ensure high quality of equipment & machine selections, leisure layout & class activities. All are a big selling point for the residents of the estate. The Committee continues to work successfully together with BAML & residents since to monitor issues & continuous improvement opportunities in the leisure centre (2016- present)
  • Strong Operational Committee for Charrington Tower and Columbia West, which has helped resolve many of the snagging and other issues by Ballymore – this would not have been possible if the NPWLRA didn’t exist. (2016- on going)
  • Strong Operational Committees for Ontario Tower and New Providence Wharf and Minchigan which identifies key operational problems in each building and monitors progress (2018)
  • Pier Committee – the RA worked with the Local Authority and Councillors to put pressure on Radisson and Ballymore to ensure involvement of the local residents in the decision making of what happens in and around the Estate.(2016-ongoing)
  • Replacement of the Ontario front door with Ballymore making a financial contribution (2017)
  • Full recognition as a Residents Association (2018)