The Team

The Residents Association has an Executive Committee comprising of a Chair, Vice Chair/s, Secretary, Vice Secretarie/s and Treasurer and Vice Treasurer/s (“Officer” and together “Officers”) who are  members of the Association. They are supported by a number of other Committee members as determined from time to time by the Association in the Annual General Meeting. Officers are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Yasmin Naqushbandi *                                                                                                         Chair I live in Block A NPW with my husband Khalid and we have lived on the estate since 2004.We love the complex and wanted to ensure that we had the best residential estate in The Isle of Dogs and we wanted to hold Ballymore to account. I am a retired doctor and have held a number of posts, clinical as well as in management. I hope that I bring empathy to accommodate all residents’ views, work effectively with Ballymore’s and provide my organizational skills and management expertise to support the team
Chris Starling  Vice Chair  I live in NPW and am leading on the Service charges review. I joined the Executive at the beginning of 2019 and stepped into the role of Vice Chair and have taken the lead in the work involved related to the appointment of the Surveyor and Accountant. I have led this and have involved a small group of Execs and leaseholders with specific expertise to oversee the process.
Andrew McCallum Secretary I live in NPW  and I have led on a number of key external communications exercises.
Mira Patel *  Major Works I live on the NPW estate since 2004 with my family. I am a mum and a solicitor and hope my negotiation skills and process driven approach will add value to the work that we undertake with Ballymore on behalf of all the residents.
Gagan Khanna Executive  Lives in NPW.
Amit Pandey * Executive  I own a flat Michigan Building with my family.I am keen to make living in the estate a great satisfying experience and to ensure that the estate increases its economic value. I am an experienced management consultant and operational strategy design lead with a wealth of experience in driving regulatory and transformational strategies within Tier 1 financial service firms. I hold a mechanical engineering degree and an MBA.I am keen to leverage my experience to ensure the estate we live in is maintained as a premium residential development site.
Claudiu Iorgulescu * Website Lead I lived with my wife in NPW for 4.5 years, renting a flat before moving out and then, one year later, returning. NPW has its charm, it is a beautiful estate and a lovely place to live. I joined the RA in 2018 to try and contribute towards keeping it this way.
                                 Hanesh Patel                                                                            Executive I have lived on the Estate since 2004 in Michigan Building. I have now moved to NPW in 2018. I together with other leaseholders set up the NPWLRA to represent all our interests. I hope that my experience in both residential and commercial property sector combined with my enthusiasm and drive to get things done properly and fairly will ensure that NPW estate remains one of the most desirable places to have a home.
Naeem Taidi Treasurer I have lived in CT since 2018, and have been involved with CT issues. My strengths are extreme attention to detail and being direct. I also own properties around Canary Wharf for 15 years and have experience in dealing with other managing agents, so understand the issues facing leaseholders. I have stepped into the role of Treasurer to support the work of the RA.
Frances Roden  Executive Frances owns a flat in Charrington Tower
Anita Kanhai Executive  Anita own property in NPW
Robert Stopa  Executive Robert owns property in Ontario Tower
Lidia Bonner Executive Lidia lives in Block D NPW
MQ  Executive  MQ lives in NPW and is the laison person for our Chinese Community
Mitesh Patel  Executive  Mitesh owns property in Michigan Building
Paolo Zeppetelli Executive  Paolo owns propert in NPW
  • confirmed that he/she is not connected to either the Landlord, the Landlord’s representative/s or any company controlled and /or connected to/by the landlord nor are they an employee of the Landlord.
Hanesh Patel Hanesh has lived in NPW since 2004. He was part of the first Residents Association at New Providence Wharf set up in 2008 and was a key player in achieving a reduction in service charges in 2009/2010. In 2015 Hanesh founded the present NPWLRA with two other key executives and became the first Chair of the present RA. Under his leadership a clear constitution was set up and a system of governance established with an executive committee structure. Individual committees were incorporated to deal with various issues such as gardens, leisure etc. As Chair he was the person who gave the RA it’s motto “making our home and community a better place”. During his tenure as Chair, Hanesh worked tirelessly to recruit membership, often spending long hours talking to residents and leaseholders raising awareness of the RA and increasing membership. He was instrumental in achieving dialogue with the Managing Agents and Freeholder and brought his extensive knowledge of Estate management and property experience to the RA. Hanesh with the support of the Executive committee achieved initial de facto recognition of the NPWLRA from Ballymore.. Hanesh stood down from his role as Chair to focus on personal matters and to commence work on the Isle of Dogs Neighbourhood Forum at the end of 2016. The RA continues to benefit from Hanesh’s measured and wise approach as he continues to serve as a member of the Executive and Finance committee providing a voice of reason and guidance when required. The NPWLRA would like to thank Hanesh for his dedicated efforts and support in ensuring that the RA lives by the motto “making our home and community a better place”
Humphrey Percy Humphrey Percy joined the Residents Association Executive in 2016 to serve the interests of Leaseholders and to improve the environment and running standards of NPW. He was nominated as Vice Chair and took over as Chair when Hanesh stood down at the end of 2016. He was subsequently re elected by membership, going on to serve until 2019. As Chair, Humphrey brought both business and corporate knowledge to the running of the Executive Group. This involved the introduction of the Major Works and Finance sub-committees. Humphrey tirelessly pursued attaining formal Recognition from Ballymore the freeholder and we became the first and only Ballymore / BAML site to achieve such recognition. This is a major achievement as a Recognised RA has a number of rights enshrined in law. Recognition also increases the value of our investments. Under Humphrey’s tenure the Executive membership increased and the RA achieved major successes in aspects of Leisure, garden, the proposed Pier and major works due to the increased involvement of members, many with specialist expertise. Humphrey’s availability at all times and his support to his Executive team was much appreciated by those who worked with him. We are grateful to Humphrey for establishing a good working relationship with BAML, attaining recognition for the RA and for giving his time and expertise for the benefit of the NPWLRA.