The Team

The Residents Association has an Executive Committee comprising of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Vice Secretary and Treasurer and Vice Treasurer (“Officer” and together “Officers”) who are  members of the Association. They are supported by a number of other Committee members as determined from time to time by the Association in the Annual General Meeting. Officers are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

1 Yasmin Naqushbandi *                                                                                                         Chair I live in Block A NPW with my husband Khalid and we have lived on the estate since 2004.We love the complex and wanted to ensure that we had the best residential estate in The Isle of Dogs and we wanted to hold Ballymore to account. I am a retired doctor and have held a number of posts, clinical as well as in management. I hope that I bring empathy to accommodate all residents’ views, work effectively with Ballymore’s and provide my organizational skills and management expertise to support the team
2 Amit Pandey *                                                                                                                     Vice Chair I live in the Michigan Building with my family.I am keen to make living in the estate a great satisfying experience and to ensure that the estate increases its economic value. I am an experienced management consultant and operational strategy design lead with a wealth of experience in driving regulatory and transformational strategies within Tier 1 financial service firms. I hold a mechanical engineering degree and an MBA.I am keen to leverage my experience to ensure the estate we live in is maintained as a premium residential development site.
3 Hemal Rawal * Treasurer Lives in NPW
4 Roman Sustek *  Chair OC OT I live in Ontario Tower. I am passionate about keeping the NPW estate as one of the upmarket residential developments in London as it was originally conceived. I am an Assistant Professor of Economics, specializing in macroeconomics with previous central banking experience both at the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve Bank in USA. I bring to the RA committee my analytical and quantitative skills.
5 Alia Hassan * Secretary I have lived in Charrington Tower since 2016 with my husband Ali. Shortly after attending my first AGM in 2016 I joined the RA as a member and later on as an executive to help focus Ballymore’s attention on Charrington Tower snagging issues and represent the views of our residents. I qualified in law and I currently work in the aviation and defense sector. Together with Ali, Dave and Kenneth we set up the Charrington Tower and Columbia West Operational Committee where we raise issues for Ballymore to resolve. I also serve the Executive committee as Vice Secretary where my organizational and administrative skills are best utilized as I oversee and record all estate matters. I also want to help preserve the wider estate and facilitate good management between Ballymore and all its residents.
6 Colin Gold Chair Garden Committee I have lived in NPW since 2014. I set up the Garden group before the Residents Association was set up to try and maximise the beauty of our landscape which was severely neglected. When the RA was set up in 2105 the Garden Committee became part of the NPWLRA. My background is architecture interior and garden design and I have had 45 years experience working with blue chip clients with budgets exceeding £50 million. However, I care passionately about detail and “every plant counts in a landscape”. I believe that in order to restore the quality of our environment we all need to care, and take interest in supporting the committee’s work. I bring my extensive expertise to the table which is always open for discussion and action.
7 Mira Patel * Chair Major works I have lived on the NPW estate since 2004 with my family in Michigan building. I am a mum and a solicitor and hope my negotiation skills and process driven approach will add value to the work that we undertake with Ballymore on behalf of all the residents.
8 Paolo Zeppetelli * Chair Leisure I have lived in Block C NPW since 2013.I joined the RA at our AGM on October 2015 as it quickly became apparent to me during the AGM that I (and also the residents) was not getting value for money as homeowners on the estate from Ballymore. I work in HR for Barclay’s head office in Canary Wharf whilst previously working in Barclays Marketing team. My experience working in HR means that I try to be diplomatic with regards to what the residents / our leisure committee wants verses how realistically Ballymore can implement residents feedback. I like to also think that I bring good ideas not just to the leisure committee but also to the RA Exec Committee as someone who has experienced for a few years living on the estate and also engaging with Ballymore
9 Dave Bladon Chair OC Charrington I was one of the first Charrington Tower residents to move into the Tower, in 2016. I previously lived in Ontario for 2years and watched CT rise out of the ground! I joined the RA 18 months ago with the goal to challenge the build quality and specification of CT and open an honest discussion with Senior Ballymore Management to ensure the residents are delivered the specification of the Sales and Marketing hype. It’s been very challenging but we are slowly seeing the persistence paying dividends. My professional background is travel and tourism, specializing in music events in the Balearics. I bring my skills as diplomat but with a dogged persistence to ensure the objectives are reached. I am keen to facilitate good management across the estate.
10 Ali Kamkarfar *    I started living in Ontario in 2014 and then purchased in Charrington Tower in 2016.I joined the RA as I quickly realised that there was disparity between what Ballymore advertised to residents and what was delivered. I joined in 2106 and founded the operational committee with Dave,Kenneth and Alia. I am passionate about health and fitness and am a member of the Leisure Committee. I am a software engineer, my career spans software development , futures trader,in Sales and in Production managment support for Morgan Stanley’s algorithmic trading desk.My biggest contribution is my time and making sure I attend all meetings, and use my tenacity and persistence to keep Ballymore on their toes.My experience across multiple careers helps as I am able to get on with most people
11 Hanesh Patel Exec Member of Finance Committee I have lived on the Estate since 2004 in Michigan Building. I together with other leaseholders set up the NPWLRA to represent all our interests. I hope that my experience in both residential and commercial property sector combined with my enthusiasm and drive to get things done properly and fairly will ensure that NPW estate remains one of the most desirable places to have a home.
12 Claudiu Iorgulescu *  Website Lead I lived with my wife in NPW for 4.5 years, renting a flat before moving out and then, one year later, returning. NPW has its charm, it is a beautiful estate and a lovely place to live. I joined the RA in 2018 to try and contribute towards keeping it this way.
13 Katie Kelly * Exec member of Finance Committee Lives in NPW
14 Kenneth Law   Lives in Charrington
15 Chiraag Suchak Chair of Operations, Chair of Security and Exec member of Leisure Committee Lives in NPW

16 Gagan Khanna

17 Bryan Kum

18 Chris Starling 


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