The Pier Group was set up on 18th February 2017. The background to setting this group up is outlined.


On 30th January 2017 the NPWLRA became aware that a proposal for a new Pier development was being put forward by Tfl and Radisson – the location of the pier was planned to be between Block A & E of NPW.This information was circulated to all the members of NPWLRA and views were sought. There was an overwhelming response to say that the location of the Pier was not appropriate. A variety of views were expressed but the overwhelming view was that the location, next to the residential block was unacceptable.An initial 93 members responded immediately – 2  neutral, 8 for the pier and the remainder of 83 against.The NPWLRA executive decided that due to the volume of work and the need for specialist expertise, a subgroup of interested members would be set up for a start and finish group to work solely on dealing with the application for planning for this pier. The group would be chaired by Mira Patel and reported to the NPWLRA executives and worked closely with them.

Objectives of the group

  • To represent the interests of the residents for the benefit of all the NPWLRA community.
  • To ensure regular communications and updates to the NPWLRA executives
  • To ensure that all views are heard
  • To ensure that the safety and security of the estate is paramount
  • To ensure that the value of the properties is maintained
  • To ensure that regard is given to best practice to the environment and health and safety of all the residents

The process

The Pier group is now a part of the Major Works Group which has a membership of the execs and other interested members with knowledge/ expertise in the areas of legal, planning and development.This will be a start and finish group – its work will be related to the planning process and associated issues identified.

The Chair of the Group is Mira Patel supported by a very strong leaseholder lobby against the location of a Pier just outside NPW Block, as this would  compromise the security and increase pollution across of the whole  estate, with a potential to increase our service charges.

The first planning application for a public pier for Thames Clippers boat to be erected in front of NPW gardens ( funded by the Radisson , built and operated by TfL ) which was hurriedly submitted was objected to by the NPW residents, and was rejected a few months ago on procedural grounds.

 ? RESURRECTED – A Public Pier to be erected on NPW Estate

There are strong rumours that TFL has prepared more thoroughly for a second go at it , and is reapplying imminently.

A public pier in front of our gardens will have a serious detrimental effect on the residents and the properties in NPW.

The noisy high powered diesel boats performing docking manoeuvres by NPW and accelerating off will result in-

  1. Engine noise from early morning to late evenings 7 days a week – the horse shoe shape of the building will amplify the noise
  2. Increased air pollution for the residents – the horse shoe shape of the building will act as a vessel to trap the air pollution. Additionally from early morning to late evening 7 days a week – the increased general public foot traffic through the NPW estate for access to and egress from the pier , will inevitably bring with it
  3. New security issues
  4. Loitering and antisocial behaviour (particularly during school holidays , weekends , late evenings concerts at the O2 etc)
  5. Littering
  6. Increased maintenance due to the above and therefore increase in management charges to us the residents

TFL has determined in the past viable alternative nearby locations

for a local public pier- in locations that will not lead to access through a private estate nor blight the peaceful quiet life of its residents.

However the promised carrot – capital funding from the Radisson seems to tip the balance against us here.

We the NPW residents will be paying the real price – the consequences

It is a “David” vs corporate “Goliath” battle here.

We URGENTLY need to form an action group to fight this potential blight.


If you support this

  1. Email npwlra@outlook.com to voice your support
  2. If you have
    • legal expertise
    • expertise in environmental issues , air or noise pollution
    • planning application expertise
    • connections to the media for exposure
    • connections in the council

Please volunteer your expertise to assist us in mounting a credible challenge

Thanking you in anticipation

Major Works Committee