Service Charges – support for appointing surveyor

Dear members,

The Executives are recommending that we appoint a surveyor who has the ability to appoint accountants to look at the service charge accounts from 2015-2019. We have been advised by LKP (LeaseKnowledgePartnership) and LEASE that this is our best route for action to deal with our ongoing service charge issues. (see this link).

LKP have recommended a surveyor who has expertise in this area (Michael Lee, see We are also exploring other options and will be identifying the best value for money.  

The work that the Surveyor and accountants will cover are as follows: 

  • Review accounts for 2016-2019 in order to assess the actual costs, their reasonableness and the reasons for significant variations. 
  • The Surveyor would appoint an independent firm of accountants and obtain fee estimates/quotations. We, as the Residents Association would agree to their appointment and will require to give a written undertaking to cover their costs.
  • Assuming that the accountants can collate the necessary information into a form of year end pack ie summary of expenditure with receipts the Surveyor can then review the expenditure and provide his opinion on the various heads of expenditure, significant fluctuations and their reasonableness. The surveyor will need to inspect the estate.We would also ask the Surveyor to do an initial assessment to see if we are legally eligible for a RTM. We need to do this before we can consider taking any steps towards RTM. 

The estimate for this work is approximately around £45,000.

We are in the process of setting up an independent Bank account for the RA.

Before the RA can proceed we need to confirm if members are willing to support this work.We are suggesting the following pro rata contributions – this is based on all members supporting this way forward.

  1. Studio flats – £75
  2. One bedroom flats £100
  3. Two bedroom flats £150
  4. Three bedroom flats £200
  5. Penthouses £250

For those leaseholders who own more that 1 flat – we are suggesting £75 for each additional flat. 

If you are willing to progress down this route please complete the form below by 21st June.

We can only progress down this route if we can raise enough funds. If we do not have enough funds – we will not proceed further. 

If you wish to take action against Ballymore we would suggest that this is your best way forward. 

I am willing to support!

Great! We then need a little bit of detail about you
(One submission per RA member. If you own multiple flats, please see below)
(One submission per RA member. If you own multiple flats, please see below)
We will use the email to confirm that you are a member of the RA - please ensure its spelled correctly. Please ensure this is the same email you used when registering with the RA.