NPWLRA 2021 AGM Voting


The NPWLRA AGM is being conducted virtually. We are implementing voting online on the specific issues on the agenda which require a vote. Please fill in your name and which flat/ s you own. The votes are 1 per flat. Please also fill in your email address so that we have your most uptodate contact details
(One submission per RA member. If you own multiple flats, please see below)

Approval is required for the 2020 minutes. If you have any comments / amendments please let us know by emailing

1. Approval of minutes 2020

Please read the minutes here

2. Elections of officers

The officers need to be elected for the next year. The Officers are unopposed. However, we do ask you to cast your vote as a YES or NO. This is part of our transparency process so that we get clear feedback from our members. We will be reviewing the constitution in January 2022. Pending the outcome of the review, further elections will be held at the next EGM in May 2022.

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