Health Club in Charrington Tower

The Charrington Leisure Centre/ Health Club  was opened in 2017 and replaced the Centre in New Providence Wharf. The residents of NPW, Michigan, Charrington and Columbia West are members of the Leisure Centre/ Health Club. Only those leaseholders from Ontario who have “opted in” to use the Charrington Leisure Centre/ Health Club have access to the gym, swimming pool and spa facilities. Those who did not “opt in” to use these facilities have access to the Radisson gym. Opting in means paying service charges towards the upkeep of the Charrington Leisure Centre/ Health Club.

The Charrington gym has  six full time trainers. The equipment is the latest in techno-gym equipment. There is a swimming pool, jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. A Leisure Committee has been established by the RA.The Leisure Committee works with BAML on behalf of the Residents Association. The committee were involved in the equipment selection for of the new gym. Our advisors were owners and residents with key expertise in this area – they all gave their time for free – now the gym is a big selling point for purchasers, residents and tenants across the estate.


The Leisure centre income generates roughly between 4.5k to 5.5k per month via classes and training sessions. The Leisure  Committee works with BAML to look at day to day operational issues, and considers opportunities for income generation for the leisure centre. BAML have agreed that the funds generated by the Leisure Centre/ Health Club are transferred to the reserve funds for the Leisure Centre/ health Club.

Around 4.5k residents use the gym & around 2.5k residents use the pool area per month.

Around over 500 residents per month take classes at the leisure centre

Key Performer Indicators for the year

Awaiting KPIs from Ballymore

Terms of Reference of the Leisure Committee.

To represent the interests of the residents for the benefit of all the NPWLRA community.

To ensure regular communications and updates to the NPWLRA executives

To ensure that all views are heard

To support BAML to ensure that the value of the properties is maintained

To support BAML by bringing  specialist expertise and knowledge for the benefit of the residents


The committee is formed from RA executives as well as residents of the estate who have knowledge and expertise in health and leisure. This is an ongoing group as the gym and the pool require constant monitoring and  management.