The Garden and Grounds


The roadside planted beds; the stairs and bridge links; the riverside internal oval gardens and waterways; the amphi-theatre grass area and perimeter beds; public areas of decking and internal floral displays. It also covers the gardens and water feature in front of CT and Columbia West.  In addition to the garden the committee’s responsibilities also is to cover the hard surfaces and walkways around the estate. We have been involved in the gardening contract and have kept an eye on this contract to make sure it is cost effective. The garden is again a big selling point for the property, again we have been able to harness resident expertise to help in this area.

GARDEN COMMITTEE ( ceased 2019)

Colin Gold Chair NPW
Mireille Percy   Ontario


•    To represent the interests of the residents for the benefit of all the NPWLRA community.

•    To ensure regular communications and updates to the NPWLRA executives

•    To ensure that all views are heard

•    To advise BAML to ensure that the safety and security of the estate is paramount

•    To advise BAML to ensure that the value of the properties is maintained

•    To advise BAML to ensure that regard is given to best practice to the environment and waste disposal and the health and safety of all the residents

•    To advise BAML to promote and execute a well stocked, seasonal, colourful and hardy garden, which is pleasing to the eye, for all residents to enjoy

•    To advise BAML to ensure that the gardens are regularly maintained and managed in a cost effective manner, without increasing the budget spend

•    To advise BAML to ensure that the garden areas and the walkways are maintained in a safe and secure manner with regards to good health and safety standards


This group is formed of RA executives and open to any residents that would like to contribute and who have knowledge in gardening.

This is an ongoing committee as the garden requires constant maintenance and planting all year round.       

The chair of the group will keep the chair of the NPWLRA informed at all times